German Workshop on Experience Management (GWEM2017)


  • Prof. Dr. Mirjam Minor
    Institut für Informatik
    Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
    D-60325 Frankfurt am Main
    Tel.: 069/798-24636
  • Dr. Kerstin Bach
    Department of Computer and Information Science
    Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
    Sem Sælandsvei 7-9
    NO-7491 Trondheim
    Tel: +47 930 32400

Nähere Informationen zum Workshop finden sich auf der offiziellen Workshopseite.


Efficient utilization of experience is gaining in importance since expertise, "know how", applied knowledge can be assessed as one of the most important resources and the key issue for successfully competing organizations in almost every sector of economy. In the context of this workshop as well as the workshops previously held in this series, 'experience' is mainly considered as a form of knowledge obtained during the solution of problems. Therefore, similar but not identical issues from approaches developed in Knowledge Management, all aspects of the whole lifecycle of 'experience' are in the focus of this workshop: Analyzing, modeling, storing, retrieving, developing, and reusing experience are major challenges to Experience Management (EM). Besides the traditionally strong focus of this workshop series on the design, development and integration of intelligent systems and methods for managing experience, subjects relevant in EM may be contributed by different communities from computer science, mathematics, social science, and business administration/economics.


Ziel des Workshops ist es Wissenschaftler aus dem Bereich Erfahrungsmanagement zusammenzubringen, um sich gegenseitig auszutauschen.